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Precision controllable hydraulic transmission

Hydraulic drive-intelligent servo

Efficient energy conversion, easy-to-operate hydraulic systems and actuator devices, speed, power, torque, and energy loss are perfectly replaced by mechanical transmissions.

A comprehensive team of domestic professional technology and application skills, a wide range of application cases and fast delivery times are your guarantee for choosing us. —————————————————————————————————
Construction machinery handling equipment hydraulic drive control system plunger hydraulic pump high-speed hydraulic motor load-sensitive reversing multi-way valve NO1

Imported axial piston hydraulic pump hydraulic motor

The company has been rooted in the hydraulic transmission industry for decades, and its core main products are imported brands (REXROTH,BRUENINGHAUS HYDROMATIK,LINDE,PARKER,HAWE HYDRAULIK,DANFOSS,EATON,KPM KAWASAKI, BREVINI SAMHYDRAULIC) We have long-term stocks of plunger hydraulic pump motor assemblies and accessories used in engineering machinery, road machinery, mining machinery, tunnel machinery, concrete machinery, port ship machinery.

Load-sensitive control proportional multi-way valve (reversing valve)

DELANBO company mainly sells internationally leading brands such as Rexroth M4 M7 of Bosch, Danfoss PVG32 PVG100 PVG120, Eaton, and Sun-Seiko HVG32/100 series load sensing proportional multi-way valve (manual mechanical reversing/hydraulic pilot proportional/electric proportional control)

Professional & Big Data Experience

Since its establishment in 2008, our company's core main products have always been the sales and after-sales support of low-speed high-torque hydraulic motors, high-pressure variable displacement piston hydraulic pumps, and high-speed hydraulic motors. Whether it is host matching or aftermarket parts matching, we have accumulated rich professional data and have strong industry experience and expertise in product application parameter data, etc.!

After-sales service

Products are based on value and service innovation is a value-added tool. WeProductionThe first condition for the products sold is reliability and stability. The company has professional international procurement channels and after-sales engineers to ensure that the products are authentic and reliable. Bulk rolling ordering and special supply channels digest to meet the needs of market competition!

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Ningbo Delanbo Hydraulic Power Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional company that provides high-quality power solutions and electro-hydraulic solutions for engineering machinery, mining machinery, road construction machinery, industrial vehicles, port ship machinery, industrial injection molding machines, metallurgical equipment, and construction concrete machinery and equipment. Control System. The company's core main business is to provide plunger structure hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and multi-way valves to domestic small and medium-sized manufacturing units. At the same time, it provides high value-added technology and product services to the construction machinery aftermarket, and provides professional and rapid after-sales product maintenance services and emergency plan support. The complete machine warranty is 6-12 months after the product leaves the factory. More ships, road rollers, excavators, pavers, graders, rotary drilling rigs, horizontal directional drilling rigs, trenchless drilling rigs, rock drilling rigs, oil drilling equipment, hydraulic drive devices and control systems are welcome to call or write! Integrity works together to create a better life


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